Khyber TV Live Streaming | Watch Khyber TV Live Streaming

Khyber TV Live Streaming | Watch Khyber TV Live Streaming

This is the Khyber TV Live Streaming. If you are looking about Khyber TV Live Streaming then you are at the right place. AVT Khyber is a Pashto Language TV Channel. So, here below you can watch Khyber TV Live Streaming.


Khyber TV Live Streaming


Khyber TV Live Streaming | Watch Khyber TV Live Streaming
Khyber TV Live Streaming | Watch Khyber TV Live Streaming


AVT Khyber is a Pashto Language Entertainment Channel. It is mainly based in Pakistan. The owner of this channel is Kamran Hamid Raja. This TV network is available in many territories around the world. It was launched in 2004. It has coverage in Pakistan, UK and European Nations. It now streams in over many cities of Pakistan.

Basically, it is a privately owned Pashto Language TV Station which covers national and international Entertainment. It is owned by the Kamran Hamid Raja. The sister channels of Khyber TV Live Streaming are Khyber News and Pashto 1. Khyber News was launched in 2007 and Pashto 1 was also launched in 2014. Unlike most TV stations in Pakistan, AVT Khyber is only available in Pashto language. It is one of the famous and popular Pashto channel in all over the region.

The frequency information of Khyber TV Live Streaming is that it is available on PakSat-1R at 38 degree East. Its download frequency is 3809 MHz. Its polarity is vertical. Its FEC is ¾. Its symbol rate is 7750 KSPS. It broadcasts 24 hours a day providing educational, news, variety shows, dramas,  and entertaining programs to the Pashtun population of Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as those living in different regions of the world.

The Broadcasting areas of Khyber TV Live Streaming are South Asia, Middle East, America, UAE, UK, Ireland, India and Bangladesh. The Head Quarters of this TV Network are in Islamabad, Pakistan. It has also regional offices in the cities of Peshawar and Quetta in Pakistan as well as Jalalabad, Kabul and Kandahar in Afghanistan. The Channels is considered to be famous and payoneer in Pakistan Entertainment Industry.


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